Just a quick post to let everyone know the ER blog is finally back up and running! After a few weeks of internet problems, technology failures and general incompetencies¬†we’re now able to get posting again.

As you might have noticed, we’ve changed our blog address from google owned blogspot to the more activist friendly squat.net. We won’t be updating the blogspot address anymore so spread the word that the new ER blog address is www.evictionresistance.squat.net. We’ve still got a bit of formatting to do until we’re happy with the new look so please bear with us as we play around with the settings.

So, there’s quite a backlog of posts we want to get out there. Do keep checking back from time to time to see what’s new. Oh, and of course if anyone would like to do a guest blog post then of course we’d be happy to post it up for you. Email us at evictionresistance[at]squat.net and we’ll get it posted asap.


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