Monthly Archives: December 2012


Last Saturday a few of us attended an action on Upper Street, Angel that was organized by ukuncut and housing for the 99%. Tax dodging Starbucks was the target of choice for anti cuts activists and a temporary shelter was set up in front of the cafe to highlight how government cuts are impacting those in vulnerable housing. Curtains were put up over the facade, much to the confusion of coffee sipping customers, and a dining table was positioned in front of the main entrance with a selection of house warming treats. 

Although the original plan had been to set up inside Starbucks itself, this was prevented by a large police presence. The shop was forced to close though for approximately an hour as talks were held by the large group gathered outside. The action received an overwhelming amount of support from passersby and overall was a huge success. Here’s the pic’s!

The gathering outside Starbucks, Upper Street.

Talks by various housing related groups including Housing for the 99%, DIGS and Fuel Poverty Action

Placard of the day – ‘too little, too latte’

Squat activist Pete the Temp talks about squatting and homelessness

Sadly, this will be the case for many next year

Getting the message out to Islington

After being moved on from outside Starbucks, we crossed to road to target another tax dodger – Foxtons!!

Pete blows the horn of justice at Foxtons staff

Last talk of the action before heading off to a local pub for some well deserved refreshmentPhotos By Anthony Mortarelli