Housing is a Human Right.

The Eviction Resistance Network is a diverse alliance of individuals  and groups dedicated to keeping people in their homes. We believe that no-one should be forcibly removed from where they live when they have no other adequate housing options.

Our aim is to stand in solidarity with those who are facing eviction and to offer support and advice throughout the eviction process. We  believe in the use of nonviolent direct action and support community-led demonstrations against evictions.

Our demand is simple: to live in safe, secure housing without being forced to give up the communities, school places, jobs, support networks, livelihoods we have worked hard to build up around us.

If you are faced with eviction for regeneration, refurbishment, demolition or due to financial hardship, it is not your fault, and you are not alone. Unaffordable cost of living, lack of social services and social cleansing by both councils and unscrupulous landlords who put profit before people are the problem, not you. Hundreds of us face eviction every day while entire blocks remain empty! Our Rights to Housing and to Community are not negotiable and should not be traded for profit.

This is not an individual problem but a collective one, and therefore we should respond collectively. Alone we are vulnerable but together we are strong, as many recent campaigns have shown!

People across the country and around the world are faced with the threat of losing their homes everyday. By uniting against evictions, we can defend tenants, homeowners and other vulnerably housed people from greedy landlords and banks, and keep people housed.

The network is non-hierarchical and is not aligned with any political party. It is part of the wider network of London housing groups, the Radical Housing Network and is currently London based. We do not assist with individual casework, but instead we promise to share everything we learn with anyone who needs it (online and through workshops), put you in touch with your nearest housing action group, and encourage all eviction resistors to do the same so that we continue to learn and grow together.

Join us! We have regular meetings and a mailing list. Come and meet us, or contact us at:

Email: info[at]evictionresistance[dot]org[dot]uk

Twitter: [at] EResistance