“How to stop an eviction”, by the PAH spanish housing movement. Very useful, inspiring, empowering!!! A definite MUST READ if you are considering resisting an eviction, or helping someone do so: How to stop an eviction, by the PAH

Shelter have produced some very comprensive information about what to do if you are a tenant and you are facing eviction. You can find it all online here:

There is also  guidance available on how you can try to delay or stop your eviction.

SI SE PUEDE is a video by the PAH spanish housing movement. It shows how people got organized to provide mutual support and resist hundreds of evictions, so inspiring! You can watch it HERE. Or there for other languages:




The High Court Enforcement Officers Association has posted up a code of practice for their members. Have a look and learn more about how enforcement officers are supposed to behave. It also has a section which guides you though the complaints procedure.