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Hackney Resists!

Upcoming Eviction Resistance Workshops



Fridy 25th September 2015, time TBC @ Soas University, Thornhaugh Street, WC1H 0XG

Outline of the workshop:

1. How to send the bailiff away peacefully. And why! How to use this moment for the best long term results

2. Practical steps to build up strength as a community, to defend your neighbours and community

3. Where do we go from there?

You don’t have to be a SOAS student to join us: come, learn, share your knowledge and ideas with us, and build up bonds and community strength with the locals 🙂

Sunday 27th September 12.30 -17.00pm @ St Barnabus Church Fosters Hall, St Barnabus Road, E17 8JZ

Have you ever experienced eviction from your home or seen what eviction does to people’s lives?

Do you want to defend yourself from eviction or get involved in practical solidarity action?

Come to our next Eviction Resistance Workshop! We are starting an Anti-Eviction Network in Walthamstow. Children’s corner for under 12’s available.

You don’t have to be a local resident to join us: come, learn, share your knowledge and ideas with us, and build bonds and community strength with the locals 🙂

Share widely!

* * * * * Program:

At 12:30, before starting the workshop and discussions, we will watch SI SE PUEDE: a very inspiring documentary about how people have organized and resisted evictions in Spain for the last 8 years since the beginning of the Spanish housing crisis (250 local anti-eviction groups at the moment!). As well as videos of eviction resistances in Walthamstow.

The workshop itself will start at 2pm, and we will speak about:
1. How to peacefully demonstrate against evictions and keep people in their homes
2. How to best support someone throughout the whole eviction process, until a long term solution is found.
3. How to organize further against evictions in Walthamstow, now? Several evictions have been stopped in Walthamstow and people have been re-housed adequately as a consequence. Keep up the good work!

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