Occupied Spin bowling - now Gremlin Alley, City Road, Cardiff

First eviction resistance in Cardiff in over a decade ongoing at the Gremlin Alley Squatted Social centre in Cardiff. Here’s the latest update: 

UPDATE – 3pm

Latest update is that cops scaled down to between two and five in the last hour and have just been stood across the road with two bailiffs and the janitor. No attempt at entry so far.

Still several squatters on the roof, wearing masks, and a few people still outside, but not as many as before.

Passing cars have been supportive, with one woman apparently saying “don’t move, stay strong!”

And the house over the road, near where the cops are standing, is playing Public Enemy, Rage against the Machine and CRASS loudly through the upstairs window! Last we heard the Autonomads had just been requested, but folks on the roof are after black paint to make signs to save shouting requests across the road and food is also welcomed (vegan if possible).

Photos from the day due up shortly…but more to come as they haven’t gone…

And thanks for the messages of support received from places ranging from Swansea to Brighton!

Solidarity to all squatters and Alex Haigh!

Here’s the Indymedia article from this morning:


**UPDATE** 4PM New Pic!

***UPDATE 6PM***

After an all day rooftop standoff, Police and bailiffs have finally left the property and the residents remain in their home.  We heard there are rooftop celebrations ongoing which will very likely continue for a good while! Another successful resistance for the UK squatting community in these difficult times. Big up to the Cardiff squat collective – today you really showed them that whatever they say…..


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