We came across an article today about how many people are living in precarious living conditions in the capital. The upsurge of rents in the private sector combined with a lack of available social housing has forced many into the rental of sheds, garages and spaces not fit for habitation. This has sadly led to 4 deaths and 45 injuries over the past three years due to fire. Is this your big society Cameron? Where unscrupulous landlords capitalise off people’s need for shelter? Where people can afford no better roof over their heads than that of a garden shed? There is a dire need for affordable housing in the capital and until the government start putting people before profit we can only imagine things will worsen.Here’s the BBC article:

If you’re worried about fire hazards in your home, contact the London Fire Brigade fire safety team on 08000 284428. They offer a home visit team who will come and advise you how to protect yourself from fire hazards and also install free smoke alarms.  

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