To everyone who came to the day of Eviction Resistance skillshares in PEER Gallery

What a great day of meeting, sharing and learning!
Thank you so much to everyone who came to this very inspirational day.

I was so happy to see people connect, realize that they are not alone but many, and that they can support each other and fight together! Like someone said in the PAH documentary: “once you join the PAH you know that you will never be alone, you will never be homeless”.

If you have any questions or ideas about Resisting Evictions, please send them to us. Please document your plans and actions of Resisting Evictions, take photos, and send us your texts so we can put them on this blog. So that together we can show others that Resisting an Eviction is a worthy, empowering line of action, which can be a new start for a campaign to put pressure on your local authorities or landlord.

When the law fails us in favor of financial corporations, the only course of action left is the power of our communities. Together, let’s fight for the Right to Housing! Basic rights are not negotiable, basic needs should not be traded!

In the next few days/weeks we will compile the information exchanged during the workshops, into resources that you will be able to find on the website. Contact us if you want to help with that or with anything else.


PS: on Sunday we will be at the Brick Lane Debate to hold a workshop about Eviction Resistance. Join us there if you fancy another session, have new questions, ideas, etc. Or if you just want to connect with more people.

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