Entrance to the Hobo Hilton

Early yesterday evening on Saturday 6thOctober we visited the newly opened office building ‘Hobo Hilton’ , at 203 High Holborn, which has apparently been empty since 2003.

This squatted space was a hive of activity. The welcome desk in the foyer was surrounded by many excited visitors, including quite a large media group .Despite the name this newly opened project, which has been formed by a number of groups including Occupy, doesn’t have an open door policy  to simply house homeless people, though shelter does seem to be a part of what The Hobo Hilton has on offer.

 Raising public awareness of the massive housing crisis this country is in, the consequences of the savage financial cuts those in power are still in the process of inflicting  on the infrastructure of our society and the dangers we all face if the issues of climate change are dealt with by yet more cuts and green wash.are on the agenda for this activist hub .A mix of informative workshops and direct action are the tools of choice for the people involved in this project. On offer on Saturday, which was an open day was a very fine banner making session, a beautiful and thought provoking art exhibition provided by a number of artists and an entertaining  cabaret in the evening. All free.

We recommend a visit sooner rather than later (court coming up this week) Donations of useful items, food, your time or  suggestions on how to use the space would all be welcome. 

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